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Sue Gustafson 15 February 2016

"I love reading the Mail on my iPad daily, but today I'm unable to access it. Says server not responding. Could you please tell me when you expect this issue to be resolved. Many thanks."

Simon@MailPlus 16 February 2016

Hi Sue, We're sorry you had a problem. It's possible to see this message when either there is a problem with the iPad getting an internet connection or if the iPad is low on storage space (which can be checked in the Settings app).

Anne 8 February 2016

"Hello, I have recently joined Mail Plus and cancelled my daily mail paper. Great but didn't realise that I can no longer get my reward numbers from the back of the paper which means I am missing out."

Simon@MailPlus 16 February 2016

Hi Anne, We hope you're enjoying Mail Plus. The Unique Numbers are not included in the digital subscription as Mail Plus is less than half the cost of the newspapers. We constantly review the feedback but have found that people value the price and convenience of using Mail Plus on tablets and smartphones, seven days a week, above getting the Unique Numbers. Hope this helps to explain the situation.

Terence 5 February 2016

"Am just about to apply for 30 days free trial before this option finishes this evening. Am regular reader of long standing, but my main purpose has been sport, sport, sport. You don't mention this in all your marketing notes ??? Puzzles, 3mags, You & Event. Can I assume the same excellent coverage of all daily sports is covered too? Is it also downloaded in landscape ? And does the free offer commence immediately or as one the option of choosing the next calendar month Regards"

Simon@MailPlus 16 February 2016

Hi Terence, Yes you get complete issues of the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday, seven days a week. This includes all of the sport pages, any sport specials and Sport on Sunday. All the pages can be viewed in portrait or landscape or you can tap to read in 'Story View' where you can change the font size and view the extra sport picture galleries. We'll make sure we make this clear in future - thanks for the tip. The 30-day trial starts as soon as you sign up.

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